AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Certification Prep

In this course, you will be introduced to AWS products, services, and common solutions with demos, knowledge checks, and hands-on lab activities. You will learn the basic fundamentals to become more proficient in AWS and be empowered to make informed decisions about IT solutions based on business requirements


AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Objective

  • Explain the value of voice.
  • Design the user experience.
  • Design the architecture to build the skill.
  • Follow AWS and Alexa security best practices for the skill.
  • Develop, test, validate, and troubleshoot the skill.
  • Manage the skill publishing process and work with the Alexa developer console.
  • Manage skill operations and lifecycles.

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Outline

Domain 1: Voice-First Design Practices and Capabilities
1.1 Describe how users interact with skills
1.2 Map features and capabilities to use cases

Domain 2: Skill Design
2.1 Design and develop an interaction model
2.2 Design a multi-turn conversation
2.3 Use built-in intents and slots
2.4 Handle unexpected conversational requests or responses
2.5 Design multi-modal skills using one or more service interfaces (for example, audio, video, and gadgets)

Domain 3: Skill Architecture
3.1 Identify AWS services for extending Alexa skill functionality (Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon DynamoDB)
3.2 Use AWS Lambda to build Alexa skills
3.3 Follow AWS and Alexa security and privacy best practices

Domain 4: Skill Development
4.1 Implement in-skill purchasing and Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills
4.2 Use Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) for expression and MP3 audio
4.3 Implement state management
4.4 Implement Alexa service interfaces (audio player, video player, and screens)
4.5 Parse Alexa JSON requests and provide responses

Domain 5: Test, Validate, and Troubleshoot
5.1 Debug and troubleshoot using Amazon CloudWatch or other tools
5.2 Use the Alexa developer testing tools
5.3 Perform beta testing
5.4 Troubleshoot errors in the interaction model

Domain 6: Publishing, Operations, and Lifecycle Management
6.1 Describe the skill publishing process
6.2 Add and remove users in the developer console
6.3 Perform analysis of skill analytics in the developer console
6.4 Differentiate among the statuses/versions of skills (for example, In Development, In Certification, and Live)


AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Certification Program

  • We recommend that attendees of this workshop have the following
  • One or more years of hands-on experience designing and maintaining an AWS based application
  • In-depth knowledge of at least one high-level programming language
  • HS Diploma/GED
AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty

Income Expectation


The average salary for a AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Employee is $130,610/yr in New York City. Salary estimates are provided by AWS.


Upon completion of this course, and the certifying exam(s), the student will be qualified to take a job as a

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

AWS Certified Big Data - Specialty

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

AWS Certified Security - Specialty






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